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New Pres

Well, tomorrow we get a new President. I try to care, I really do. After ALL, that's happened, however, I  remain kinda numb... I feel like I did when I got drunk and then tried to wack off! The excitement was there but other than that I just couldn't feel anything! 

The ONLY two things I am interested in is my stimulus check (still waiting) and the full legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes (always waiting)! oO

Time to get some sleep. I still have a side gig repairing iPhones. 13-hour shifts, 3days a week. Day starts at 4:30am The other days I create ideas for the site. If you have an idea for the site email me at:

MysticBlooWizard@outlook.com Attention Martin. 

Save a copy of the idea for yourself. If I use it I'll give you a free bong. I'll even pay for shipping.  It's no big deal dude. I really value your opinion. 

P.s. if you're sending your iPhone to get repaired, you really should delete ALL your pics! My coworkers have no life - if you know what I mean. 

Later peeps!