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Hey Peeps! Long time-no write!  Ok, I am not going to lie, I've been focusing my attention on a particular young lady in hopes of one day marrying her. However, between my occasional desire to take her to a park and just drop her off or putting a friggin sock in her mouth, I am wondering if all of it is really worth it.....YEAH! OF COURSE IT IS!!!  

Anyway, I did start this business for a reason. I might as well start focusing on it!

Christmas. It is here again! Like a bowel movement that came too late because Ex-Lax failed to cream me on time (never works right) and now I feel like I have double the shit! Everything is going by so fast! I'm still recovering from the last bill!

I so hope they free up Cannabis for recreational use! That would be soO SWEET!!! If so, I could follow through with the next phase and hit up my investors with an actual plan. I know they've been waiting, intrigued, wondering if I'm a myth.

There are a lot of articles out there on what to bake for the holidays. If you are still trying to get some ideas, check out this: 


As far as gifts! Oh Man! There are a lot to choose from!  First, YOU NEED THE TOOLS!

First on our tools list is a tray so unique this thing will summon you in the dark! Have you ever been summoned by a tray before?! If you have, It's not weed your smoking dude! oO Stick to the basics!



Grinders. We have more, but this one stands out because with my Covid mask on it sounds like I said Cock crusher!


Now after you grind it you need something to smoke out of. Now this little guy may look like the guy who sold you the herb but it produces one smooth smoke! 


Oh yeah, lighters. DO NOT use a Bic to light this beast!  What you need is a torch! Come over this way let papa show you this beauty! Granted, this thing looks like a Glock with a silencer on it, but it is simply a torch! 


These were simply a sample of what is in our X-MAS DEALS this year. 

There is so much coming in regards to the company so please stay tuned. Other than that, stay safe, stay home, and smoke much! 


Martin E, Wallace and Team

Founder/ CEO 

Mystic Bloo Wizard.com (YOUR TICKET TO KICK IT!)