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Freedom is a mind game!

We are new and are just getting our feet wet. We are a bit slow in certain things like the response times of our social networks and we apologize. We are understaffed but don't give a fuck! We are truly enjoying this learning process and invite you to grow with us. We are ALWAYS open to new ideas that could make us stronger. Our objective is to change the way people view cannabis. It's not enough to just legalize it when people still hate it due to misinformation. Furthermore, we will be actively involved in petitioning the release of ALL those incarcerated for cannabis-related incidents! Shit man! They might as well have been arrested for selling mint tea!!!! It was all illegalized due to racist fear! Go to our site's home page and toggle down to a link which leads you to a full report on why the U.S. ruled it illegal. it's not a color thing, it is an ignorance thing! REMEMBER - IGNORANCE, is what we should be fighting. IGNORANCE is like Crabs. It does not care what color crotch it infests! Do not be a puppet to their separation game! One day we will have BLOO parties all over the world! When that day happens, we will celebrate knowing we will be free knowing we are truly free. Kill the Ignorance - embrace the knowledge!