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EMBARRASSING!!! 7/21/20 My office location

So embarrassing! Every startup has to begin somewhere. Apple started out of their garage. I happened to start up out of a small bedroom out of my "Former" roommate's house, the very house that happened to have been shown using a map locator along with the Trust badges at the bottom of the website LMFAO!!! 

I have since moved from there and am operating out of a small office of my own. We are still in Fort Worth Texas, however, and are in the process of looking for a small office with an adjoining warehouse! Can't wait! 

  PLEASE DO NOT GO TO MY FORMER ROOMMATE'S HOUSE - unless it is at 2 am and you shout out PETE!!! That is the other roommate who has to get up early. LOL!!!! He's probably reading this and saying "MOTHER FUCKER!" 

Just Kidding. Please do not go there. I took that option for locating the office off of the site.