$1.00 from every purchase goes to support St. Jude's Children's Hospital for cancer treatment. Thank you


Since we started we have been testing new ideas for the site. Currently, we are sticking to pre-made templates to cut down costs. 

My initial idea was to feature a gift shop with unique gift items so that you can get the same feel of a brick and mortar shop - but online. Though we are sticking with that idea, products from overseas are being scaled back due to the shipping times and product costs. Once we reach phase two where we are able to purchase in larger quantities we will be able to do more with our brothers from across the way.

Our over-all objective: The plan is to change the way the general public views cannabis.  Some of my associates say: "Fuck what people think!" Well, yeah, I generally agree. However, if you are going to create change in the world you have to get past yourself. oO

Cannabis will never be accepted as long as the public continues to link it to negative elements. It is our objective to bring about a change through positive associations.

Cannabis grows naturally and free. It should be available and smoked out in the open without any repercussions.