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12/13/20 Happy Birthday to ME!

12/13/20 3:49pm Texas time!

I was born on on Friday the 13th. It is sheer coincidence that my favorite color is black, I love ravens and black cats and Halloween happens to be my one true holiday. 
I always try to do something for myself on my birthday: Get a bottle of Spiced rum, buy some cool trinket, etc. This year is no different. A dear friend of mine from Bhutan, is staying with me and had surprised me with the following: 
This tapestry is the coolest thing! The psychedelic colors radiate positive energy!
Now this little fellow is going to be my new smoking companion. He seems to understand where I am coming from.
Mead. Mead is a drink that is hundreds of years old! It was popular in Europe and my favorite - The Vikings! Mead has a kick! It sneaks up on you like an outdated laxative and turns into something I could label on Facebook as an Event! Now, I am sure there are better tasting ones out there. This one, however, had the scent of urine and the distinct taste of bug spray. Yeah, I had accidentally tried bug spray when I battled a flying tree roach that seemed to think it was Perseus fighting the giant Kraken! Granted, that version of Perseus lost, but the bug spray that encircled my body found its way into my mouth! I thought I had forgotten the taste, until this appeared - Mead. The cigar was much better.